Wednesday, June 1, 2011

End Day 1

Tiger eye with Blue, Red and Gold.My inspiration stone for the day.Grounding and yet the mixed colours added a extra sunrise to my day. They really are pretty and feel so lovely.

Ok so today went.... well.I feel ok.I am still sore but have a clearer mind and can think a little more.Not so tired.

What did I have to eat today?
Mushroom water: 1 litre
1 large guava
1/3 small pineapple
about 2 litres of water
Steamed veges which included garlic,chilli,carrot,leek, wong buck (Chinese Cabbage),black peppercorns and Kale dressed with a little lemon juice and water.No salt, no oil.
Thai herbs x 3 doses.
Oh and I had a cup of black coffee as well.

I moved a little more as well.I went to lunch with friends and so walked up a few more stairs than usual and down a few more stairs than usual and then came home and rested a while.No class today as they cancelled.All good.

What made the difference? I think the Ling Xhi mushrooms.We will see. I am going to keep up with them as I really dont need to fall back down again.I like the clearer head even though I still hurt at the same level.On a pain scale of 1-10 today was a 9 1/2 day.They havent been much worse than now.

I have been doing so much thinking about all this and so it is nice to have it started.I am also planning on having a PET scan ASAP to see if there is something we can see.Either just in the head or elsewhere as well.I'll let you know.Funding may happen.......

Will go to bed soon (it is now 8.50pm and I feel weary) and rest and try to get up early so I can do some work on the computer before I go out.Oh actually I dont have to go out tomorrow.No class again.
So for now good night.
Love and Hugs

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