Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 20

A satellite dish is my way of beaming the questions I have into the heavens to ask for answers. Maybe the aliens out there will know better LOL

Some where along the way I lost a couple of days. I was sleeping.

My head was hurting so much so I took to bed. I did teach one class but dont remember it and so hope it was ok. I am sure I would have heard about it if it wasnt.
So why was the head so sore? I think it was what I ate. I had some wheat noodles which knocked me sideways and I had some tomatoes which didnt help either. I also had a little piece of chicken and a small piece of pork.
The rice I had with the fish seemed to be ok and had no serious effects that I noticed.

The problem I have now is it is a scary thing to eat because while I know a few bits that trigger the pain there are so many more unknowns that I will have to face as I go.

So what to do? Well I am not sure because I also have a lump the size of a tennis ball under my left arm in the lymph gland area. It is not sore and that is the scary part. If it hurt I could say it is an infection of some sort. No pain is not a good sign. I realized it was there when I developed a rash from it rubbing on my clothes.
I really do need to have this scan done as soon as possible so I can see what is happening. Well back to work to earn money to pay for it all.
I feel better today because of the sleep.I hope it lasts longer than a day or so and that I might be able to actually focus and maybe do some extra stuff to get funds in. There are only so many spoons in the day.

Off to shower and dress and out the door.

Love and Hugs

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