Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3

We started with a huge storm that began at 2am.I was woken by the sound of the rain on the tin roofs next door and to my tummy. What fun. I had spent part of the evening yesterday running back and to to the bathroom so I guess the wake up was not unexpected. Another three trips to the smallest room in the house before I was able to settle again without the feeling of "OMG" pain in the belly.

I think it was detox and the diet change as well as the herbs and mushrooms all at once. Day 2 of any new program is always the worst.

I got up at 6am.


Well I wanted to see if I could for a start as I will need to next week when I start Thai lessons. They begin at 8am on Wednesday and Friday so I will have to be out of the house at 7 to get there on time. I did that booking deliberately so I would get up and use my day. I have spent too much time in bed in the last year.

I sat checked emails while I woke up properly and then washed the dishes I didnt do yesterday,swept the floor and finally got out the iron and pressed the clothes that had been waiting for weeks. I havent ironed anything for a very very long time but it is like riding a bicycle. You dont forget how. LOL

Ok so time still left in my morning before I go to class. Yoga mat out and a little yoga done. A short rest with meditation and then shower, dress and out the door. Class began at 10am.

Class was lovely with a young Japanese man who wanted to learn conversation. 2 hours flew by and now I am waiting to start my next class and then home for a few hours before an 8pm class. Today's schedule is crappy.

How do I feel? Tired and sore but not so sore as other mornings. Did getting out of bed early mean my body is going to be less sore? I will have to test this as well. Will keep it in mind as I document this all.

Yesterday nausea was very bad so I only ate a few pieces of mango, a very small portion of steamed veges (left overs from the day before) and I had 3 purple dragon fruit. Lots of water, 1 litre mushrooms, herbs twice because the belly was not happy and that is about it. I wasnt hungry because I felt so sick. I didnt even have a coffee. Wow at that one because I have been kind of living on it to reduce pain.

Todays food so far has been a small pineapple, a cup of coffee, two glasses mushrooms, herbs and water. I am having a guava for lunch. They are filling and fibre and taste ok.

My head still hurts and now I am also stressed about work and my visa and what next there. Children...... Now that is another issue that has invaded my head and then there is lack of money as well. Just the usual daily stuff.

Am I happy?

I can say in many ways I am. Now that my body is no longer literally "full of shit" maybe I can have the same effect in other areas of my life as well. I am working on it stepwise. Looking at all angles to make sure they all function together and improve as I get better. That is the goal right now.

Oh and a quick aside. The Artfire store on my page here belongs to my friend. It was a small thing I could do to help out. Please contact him if you need anything special.

Ok class soon. Hope you enjoyed the rain in my pic as much as I enjoyed hearing it.

Love and Hugs to all


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