Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spike was my Christmas present last Christmas.I chose him to come home with me because I have so missed having a pet as I was not allowed a cat or dog in my room a rabbit was the next best buddy.
Well he was so much fun and within a few days was following me like a puppy.
After about 2 weeks Spike showed signs of wasting.He ate and ate all the time and drank normally but he didnt grow and was getting thinner.
One morning I woke to find Spike floppy.I got him out of his cage and he made motions to eat but then lay down and was "floppy" even more.
After a few minutes he convulsed and within 20 minutes my little friend died.
I cried for two days.
What did Spike teach me?
No matter how long you are here you can still bring joy into someone's life. He taught me that love and care are important no matter how long or short your life is and he taught me to enjoy the small stuff.
Since Spike left I have had Ben and Max, both of whom are gone away. Ben died of the same stomach thing as Spike had.They were litter mates (brothers I am lead to believe) and so had the same genetic thing. Max is an English Angora and as he has fur that is very very long I wasnt going to have my other rabbits eating his fur and getting fur balls.Max went to a breeder where is getting the royal treatment and is loved no end.Apparently he is going to be a daddy soon which is more than I was going to let him be LOL.
We now have Mini Rex's and they are so very cute.
So what has this got to do with my head? Well the babies have given me a lot of pleasure and joy and are quite happy for me to sit and pat them and to get my daily dose of Blood Pressure reducing patting time.They also bring a lot of smiles because they do such funny things.
Just because there is pain doesnt mean all Joy has to disappear and there as simple ways that it can be brought back again.
Thank you Spike.
Love and Hugs to all

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Its been a While

In fact it has been so long the whole format of my blog site has changed and I have no idea what I am doing here anymore.
I will have to relearn it as I go. Just a small some thing I made last year.I wanted to share something pretty first.
So what has been going on?
Well I have finally found what seems to be the reason for my headache.I have an alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency.It is a genetic liver disease and there is no cure.
It seems that as the liver has deteriorated it irritates the astrocytes in the brain (these are special cells in the brain that look like little stars under the microscope and that is how they got their name) and so they leak.The resulting edema is what causes the increased pressure in my head.Not an over production of CSF as I have been being told for years now and not a malfunction of the brain to absorb the fluid. This misdiagnosis happened because they have ALL told me that the increase protein in the CSF when they did spinal taps was "insignificant" and "not important". Heck why have a normal range then if this is not an important factor.
So now I have choices and I am not shadow boxing anymore and I have an understanding of a prognosis.I am not sure I like it but at least it is better than having no idea nor anyway to look after myself because I dont know they underlying cause.
More tomorrow.
Got to rest a little more now.
Love and Hugs