Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 5

It's Sunday and not a day of rest.I am up and about and checked mails and then I will shower and dress and off to class about 10am.By the time I get home at 3pm (yes it is only a 2 hours class) I will be tired.I know this already.
Coffee in already and will attempt some herbs and mushies today.I have a bad headache but my body pain overall is less.Its a good thing.Got to be grateful for the small parts so that the big bits mean something too.

The pic I have here is from soooooo long ago.When I was full of life and newness in the world.A lot has happened since then and I really would love to have all that energy and strength back.Youth is so wasted on the young.My thought for today has to be "Life is too short to carry crap". And so I am offloading a lot that I have clasped so very tightly to myself.

Ok off to find those lovely mushrooms and herbs and out.

Will post more later

Love and hugs to all

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  1. The cluster headache is not limited to males alone, but it is more frequently found amongst men whose age group is between 20 to 40 . These painful headaches simply drives people helpless and they end up doing deranged antics or despairing acts so as to deflect their mind from this torturous pain which they have to endure. There are many people who simply wander dispiritedly, move insanely and some even end up beating their heads against walls. This may sound berserk, but this is what the state of usual cluster headache patients.


Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them.Love and hugs to all. Tanya