Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4

Today started late and I was rushed from the beginning.A crap timetable that lead to me being late home,hence the late post.
Food today was a small pineapple,a couple of rose apples, which are kind of like Nashi pears but not really, and a guava.
Not enough water really and I felt it and I left off the mushrooms today because they made my tummy really runny for a couple of days.Will start them again tomorrow.
No herbs for the same reason and no time for yoga as I slept instead.They say sleep is a great healer.

No pic today as I havent the energy to find one.

And it is day 4 so its only 38 more to go.My biggest fear is that I will do all this and then my head will kill me anyway.Kind of SUCKS.

Off to bed now.I am too tired to think and I am back in class at 11.30 in the morning (yes on a Sunday) and it takes me 90 minutes to get there for a 2 hour class and then 90 minutes back again.Kind of stupid really for me but right now I am collecting pennies.

This has to be rock bottom and the only way to go is up from here.At least that is my prayer.

Love and Hugs to all

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