Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 14,15 and 16

I wrote them even though I didnt up load them. Here they are as they were put together at the time.

Will write todays later.
Love and Hugs

Day 14
Another day of teaching. Not many more now and I get a day at home. Yay!!!!!
I am wondering about all the obstacles though. Is the Universe testing me to see if I really am serious about it all and as a result things like bad traffic and having last minute changes to transport arrangements are going to stop soon. I love what I am doing. My students are learning confidence as well as English and the boss is so happy. As a result I am happy too. Now it is time for a 'win'.

I have decided I have to put some real food in my daily intake. The fruit has been great as are the veges but I am so so tired and know what I have been having is not enough. I think white fish and rice are on the menu for tonight's dinner. Both are easy to digest and low allergy foods so we will see what happens. If I was able to rest as needed I could just keep the kind of fast going but for now the pace is way too hectic.

So what are the results so far? Well the head feels the same if not worse but the body pain is much less and that helps as it means I cope better. It's less stressful and I can do more. I feel less tired in the mornings and wake more easily. Less fog and that helps a lot. I can start the day at least feeling a little fresher than I used to. Not dragging myself about.
My skin is good and I have lost some weight although that was not the objective. It is a nice side effect of it all as I was too fat. The nausea has settled a little as well.
For the down side.... My liver hurts as does the area under my stomach where my spleen would be and the swelling under my arm is growing. I am working as much as possible to save up for a PET scan. 65,000 baht for one whole body xray. It will be a definitive scan to show anything that is abnormal in size, shape and composition. I really want to do this to rule in or out as much as possible and to know what I am up against. One way or the other.

Ok class begins in 2 minutes. Will post again later.
Love and Hugs to all.


Day 15
Passed by in a blur of pain. My head was so bad. I had had some noodles for dinner the night before and I think this set the head off. I did go and teach but didnt upload anything. In fact I didnt even look at a computer.

Day 16
The head is still bad and I am not coping well with the increased pain. Makes me kind of scared to eat anything now. I have cancelled my Thai class for tomorrow so will sleep and rest more then but today is a set of four hours of classes and then home to rest again. I am almost at the point of needing a pain patch but last night I was so itchy and the nausea is back as well with a vengance so I am a little worried about my liver function. Not a good idea to stress that organ even more. Will see what gives. If the rest helps enough and I put back in the mushrooms in a larger dose maybe this will work. I am out of answers, the only one I really have is 'dont eat' and then my head doesnt hurt as much. Ok back to the drawing board. Will have to meditate on it again.

Love and hugs


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