Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 27

I get to share my really cool pics with the world here.I am so lucky and have seen so many many things and done so many more I would not have if I had stayed locked in my little life in Australia. I love the places I go and the people I see (mostly) and I really love my job and my life. It is good. Better than ever before.
I am writing that because it must seem like all I do is complain. Well the purpose of my blog is to let out that stuff as well but I do need some balance and so am going to celebrate my days a little more. I do have very small wins but they are sometimes overlooked in the heavy pain stuff and I miss out sharing them. Time to change that.

I think of my friends often and wonder. I just dont give myself enough time to write or to do many of the other things I want to. I have a few projects I need to complete and yet the smallest task uses up so many spoons LOL. Guess I'll have to wash them, dry them and reuse them. Or better yet find a manufacturer that makes ones that last longer LOL.

So the news for today. I slept late as my head was screaming when I tried to get up. I am now having coffee and that has helped a little. After a few relatively good days to be hit by a ton on bricks again sucks. Anyway after that I have to go out and teach a private class for my lovely pregnant Japanese student. She also has a 19 month old girl who is adorable. Like a huge walking doll. Sooo cute.
After that I rush to my corporate gig. Oh need to find a song for that if I can. If not then we will be talking through conversations and discussions. All good.I have plenty of material prepared and I have new stuff coming soon too.
At 6.30pm I have a job interview. It is to talk about terms of an offer that was made about 9 months ago now that has been changed and changed and rehashed so many times. I am wary of accepting it but we need the money right now and I guess if I need to I can find the energy to teach an extra 10-15 hours in a week. I am able. I just need to plan my time better. Something I have not been so good at recently and havent really had to do much in the last few years. When I had children at home it was all like clockwork.
Ah gosh, just looked at the clock.Time to shower and run out the door.I will write more later or tomorrow but for now I am happy and kind of ok.
Still seeking answers and I am listening to hear as well.
Love and Hugs to all

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