Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 33

My bracelet that I remade today so I can wear it.I had to wrap the stones again as when it was made they were not made securely enough.I am so glad to have it out of the drawer.

Here are a few days I didnt get posted

Day 28
What a busy morning already. Had to run out early because of class and had to get all sorted before. Another long day but it will be ok. Will hopefully work out about my visa today and so can sort that. Money will come as well I hope. My wages should be in the bank so can sort some money in my pocket. It seems to run out like water so will have to plug the leak or get another job. One way or another I will sort it all.
Ok off to rest a little before my mad dash through my day.
Talk later.
Love and hugs

Day 31 (I think)
I am losing days and they run and blend into one another.I guess that is ok and I guess it will end soon. Not so sure I like the things that are coming up but have found I am reacting differently these days.
Had an instance of this today. I held the door open for a young lady to pass through, went to the bathroom and was coming back when I fell over. The same young lady was following me. She looked at me on the floor and hurried away. I AM NOT DRUNK. I am just unstable on my feet. Makes me alot scared to go out alone but have few choices there. Well I guess I have to just ignore others and get on with it all. It is harder than it sounds most days. Hurting is not fun. So onwards I go. A class in an hour or so and then home and back to bed. I didnt sleep much because it hurts to lie on my back or my sides for too long because the pressure on the lumpy parts hurts them, to lie on my back makes the shunt sites hurt and to lie on my belly hurts my neck. Will rest later and then begin again.
Its raining again as well. The storm was so loud last night and the pinging of the rain on a metal bowl downstairs was so annoying lol and then the sound of the sweeping the water away so the area didnt flood was loud as well. To top that all off I was upset because of something that happened and so it didnt make for a good rest. Oh well.
Ok off now.
Love and Hugs

And today....
I slept until 11.30 after I cancelled my class. There was no way I was able to work today.
I spent the rest of the day relaxing, chatting and creating. I remade pieces of mine that have been sitting for years and am now able to wear them again and I made some new pieces for sale. Stunning bits that have been waiting and a few little bits of fun. I made the cutest mobile phone charm with a skull bead and it is really neat. It was good to feel the things flow. I think at last count I had finished about 6 new bracelets, 5 I remade, three rings, a necklace and I tidied up my beads. I am happy.
Feels good to have my things back again and I am happy I have made a hole in the mess so I can make new stuff now. All really really good. I look forward to the morning because I am going shopping to buy for the girls who have made orders with me. I have really missed my trips to China Town to shop. It feels like home to go back again.

Ok off to bed now.I am weary. Will talk more about the health stuff tomorrow. Cannot think anymore now.

Love and Hugs

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