Saturday, July 9, 2011

Days 38 and 39

I was sick yesterday. So very unwell with fever and chills and so went to bed. I had spent half the day at Immigration getting an extension for my visa and then went to buy groceries. Came home and crashed and slept for about 16 hours.
Today (which is technically day 39) started with me feeling kind of ok. I got up, did the washing by hand and then pottered about and threw out a load of rubbish while I looked for some important papers.
I was happy to find them and then went to the DTAC shop to once again register a complaint about the lack of a package on my internet account when I had paid for one. I had a win there finally and they have given me a refund and the package deal as it was stated when I bought my Sim card.
I also went and did a little shopping and bought new tools. That was fun. A lot like being in a candy store LOL.
Came home, had a rest, put the duck on for dinner and sat and made an order. Well I tried. The tiger tail was cut too short so I had to restring it again. Oh well will finish it tomorrow. I love my new toys.

The photo above is me and my sisters and my brother when we were young. Oh if I could just talk to Tanya from then and let her into some insights. Things like "make sure you wear your sunscreen" ALL the time, and "Be nice to you because no one else really will until you are" and " dont rush, take your time and enjoy every moment because they are used up way too fast". Just a few pointers. Things I have told my children but that have fallen on deaf ears and I know when they are remembered it will be too late. I guess that is the Blessing of kids. Got to love them anyways.

Ok I am off for now. It is time to rest as it is getting late.

Love and Hugs to all

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