Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 41

A balloon Princess from Chinese New Year.

I just realised that Sunday passed and I didnt blog. I guess the day was filled with little glass beads and lots of fishing line and all sorts of other creative goodies and I missed it passing so fast. It was a very industrious day and I completed all the small orders I had so I can now take them with me on Tuesday.
I havent felt like eating at all. I am drinking enough water and enough mushrooms and I am making sure I have electrolytes often. It is so hot and I am now sweating again which is a good sign.
The nausea is a constant companion these days and I am not enjoying it and last week was not fun as my head and other parts of my body were so so sore. Friday I slept 15 hours straight and that seems to have put paid to my sleeping. I am not able to sleep even if I am tired and so do lie down to rest and at least take the pressure off from being upright. I do miss sleep though. It is fun LOL.We will see what this week brings.
Today I am off to a new school to try and sort a student visa and to work out what next. I have a little time and that is all good. We are thinking carefully about the next options and where we are headed. It is an interesting time in the Chinese sense of the word but I am hoping it doesnt get too much more interesting as I have all I can handle right now.

I have been addressing long standing issues and putting them to bed. It is important for me that I let this go. I do not need to drag it with me. Now that I have sent out the required emails and the explanations I can and will let it all go. It is not my problem any longer and I am ok with that. It was time. As I have been doing this I have been getting flashes of insight into what next and where to go forward. Makes it easier to move emotionally even when I cant move much physically.

Ok off to shower and out the door.

Love and Hugs to all

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