Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 10

This pic kind of describes it all. It is common here for pedestrian crossings to end in a garden or to have an obstacle one the other side.
I woke feeling very sore. Too much in each day. I hope it is just post exercise soreness that will go away.

Ok so maybe I am not getting enough food. I am no longer hungry and I am trying very hard to get over that lovely feeling of wanting to vomit all the time. I have tried the ginger and it doesnt work right now and so I guess it will be just time. I will try to eat a bit more today. Last night before I crashed into bed I ate steamed veges with lemon juice and some fruit so I did ear a lot more than usual.

Today has just begun but it is set to be busy again with Thai class at 8am til 10 and then teaching at 1.30 til 3 and then again from 7 til 9. He might cancel as he has been doing that a lot of late but he may not. I wont know until much later which way it will go. The weekend is also full on with appointments and classes and then back to the week on Monday. Wednesday will be my next day with a kind of break. I am giving up one job in about 2 weeks so I will have more time for me. I think I am going to need it although I will miss the money.

Ok off to start the day. I have a coffee here and so will go and sit and watch the day for a few minutes before I press my clothes to go out the door.

Love and Hugs to all

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