Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 9

Days have been flying past so fast with long days and rushing between places. So fast.
Its ok in some ways because it means maybe I will be more well faster or at least know sooner. Too tired some days to do more than fall into bed.
Teaching is so much fun and my students are so so lovely. I had forgotten how great a corporate class can be and how rewarding. Sooo glad to be doing it as it helps me to manage a lot better than if I was sitting at home in pain. It gets me up and moving and out of the house.

Food.....a little salad at lunch and 30 grams of sultanas as well as lots of water, mushroom water and a cup of coffee. Herbs and some B vitamins because my mouth had cracked. I just cant face food right now as the nausea is always there and not fun.

My body hurts a lot less and yesterday I must have had a detox because I smelt like plastic and chemicals. It was awful but has passed today. Guess something has gone now.

One more hour and I can go home. This is one of the last classes with this little girl. I do enjoy teaching her but she doesnt want to learn because she wants to play so it is a challenge.

Ok better go.

Love and Hugs to all

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