Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 6

The train in Nong Khai. Well afterall it is a journey.

I hurt less in my body. I can move more freely and this has made such a huge difference to my overall well being and feeling. My head still hurts at the same level and it comes in waves even more than before. I am hoping it will begin to settle soon.
I woke early. My work schedule has just become a kind of nightmare but I signed up for it so I am not complaining. Just trying to juggle minutes to make sure I am not late anywhere. Right now I am early to my 10am class so have a few minutes to tap this out and upload it later. Class finishes at 11.40 and then I am off to Thong Lor for the next one between 12.30 and 2pm.I guess I will get there early ands that is ok be cause today I have a new business class at 3pm and need to be on time to find the room etc. Then home I hope and a rest before tackling home stuff and mails etc. I need to get a new internet Sim so I can do this all online and remote.

Food today: water 1 glass so far, 1 cup of black coffee,herbs and half a small pineapple. Food is not high on the agenda these days because the nausea is bad and so I tend not to want to eat even if I am hungry. Last night I had salad as well as some steamed veges. The chilli and garlic I had was hot hot hot,LOL but it was good. The peppercorns were great as they have helped stop the spasms in my belly and the runs have stopped as well. A good thing.

I have put some electrolytes on the menu as well. Fluid replacement. It is so hot and I sweat a lot (this is a really good sign because toxins come out that way as well) and so to keep the balance I felt it was wise to add the electrolytes. Part of the reason for choosing pineapples to eat as well is for the potassium. I have had an odd squeezing feeling just under my breast bone when ever I walk fast,up the stairs or sometimes even when I get up too fast. It takes my breath away and takes me minutes to get my head feeling ok. Dizzy comes with it too so I am guessing it is a circulation thing. Dont need to pass out lol.

Ok time to go. I have rambled enough for now. Just a load of musings.

Love and Hugs to all.

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