Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 8

Just a little still life pic that we used in an art class for a drawing exercise. All the fruits are real and here they are very delicious. Which is great because it is mainly what I have been living on of late. Veges are harder to prepare or to buy when I am out so fruit is great.

I am home now from Thai class. What a challenge that was. I am kind of fluent in my speech but today was hammered by my Thai teacher about my pronunciation. And I also learnt some words I have been hearing for such a long time and now know what they mean. What a shock it all is but it is also a great start as I will be able to relate to my Thai students just that much better. I can understand the reluctance to talk in class now when you are told " you're wrong" but no positive feedback is given. We will overcome this in my space as well as theirs.

And so confidence will be built and hopefully spread through all the areas of life. Mine too.

It was hard to get out of bed today as I have been working so much and travelling so much in between and it takes its toll when you have very little food on board and very little energy. I did get to class almost on time and it was ok. I will have to leave a little earlier on Friday so I am not late again.

Food......Mushroom water, herbs and a pineapple today so far. I will drink some more water as I go because I know I am not drinking enough and that is needed to remove the toxins. Hopefully I will have time to make veges before I head off to work but have to prepare a little for class.
We made a text book but today I want to use some phonics and a song as well as some fun listening and speaking exercises so need to get the handouts ready that I will include in the book next time.

Extra exercise these days is mainly walking up and down stairs that I would have taken an escalator for. I also walk a little further than the bus stop as well and there are times that this is really really hard but it has to be done. I dont have much time for other stuff as teaching takes time (I travel about the same number of hours as actual teaching which is kind of stupid) and I am now working on a couple of other projects that will hopefully pay off soon. Too much for right now but have to begin or else it wont fly.

Pain levels are still high. The head still randomly smashes me to the floor and whilst the back, shoulders and neck hurt less I am not sure why. I am having more problems with numbness and would like that to go away so I am able to be more comfortable. Oh well. Got to keep trying.

Ok off to prep documents.

Will see if I can fit in more later.

Love and Hugs to all

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  1. Tanya, you are not eating enough, and you know I know. :) Gotta keep that machinery going, it needs oil or it breaks. More soups???


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