Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 1

My name is Tanya

I have a Headache.

Not just an ordinary headache.The kind that hurts your head,your neck,your arms, your back. The kind that spasms and makes you want to drop to the ground screaming in pain.The kind that wakes you in the middle of the night crying because it hurts too much.The kind that is there all the time and saps the joy from almost everything that you do.The kind of headache that makes you want to stay in bed all day but not because you dont enjoy life and not because you are depressed, but because it hurts way to much to move.It also hurts not to.

The Headache....yes with a capital H.I have lived with a headache all my life.Sometimes it has been worse than others.Sometimes I could get on with it all and just pretend.Sometimes I took to my bed for 2 or 3 days and slept.Overall I was ok.
About 6 years ago it started to get worse.So I began a journey with the Medical community to try and get some answers.I say "try" because I have gotten more questions that answers along the way.I have had 29 Lumbar Punctures (spinal taps),6 operations for shunts and many many scans,x-rays and MRI's.I was told I have Intracranial Hypertension and have been treated for it with what feels to me was with no success.I still have a headache that is getting worse and I am now being told "we dont know".
My CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) has always had an abnormally large protein measure,I have had several times when mononuclear cells were found and now I have an MRI that shows an abnormal signal on the frontal lobes. Still no one wants to do the blood work to rule about that "C " word........Cancer, even though the pictures show an abnormality that has been diagnosed as a growth. Why? Good question....next......

So I am left wondering.What next?
I am a Medical Scientist by education.I studied in Australia and have a BSc (Medical Science).There has to be answers but they are not being found.

I have done what I can medically.It is time for a new approach because that is obviously not working.

Day 1
Today I begin an alternate regime.
No protein, no starches, no fats, no alcohol,no salt,no added sugar,no dairy.
Lots of water,fresh or lightly steamed veges and fresh or air dried fruit.A crushed garlic clove with a chopped up chilli each day.A little coffee when in really bad pain as it helps.ONLY this as far as "food" goes.
Add in Thai herbs for the Liver and Kidneys and Ling Xhi (Reishi) mushrooms for the immune system and over all well being and that will be my "diet".Can do.

I am going to move my body a bit more as well.Yoga when I can move better (and I hope it will happen,I am going to begin stretching a bit first and see what happens.Hopefully not increased pain), walking a little more, taking the stairs (down at least to start ) at the railway station and some meditative breathing to get the oxygen moving in a lot more.

Why the "diet"?
I did some research into fasting with juices.Rudolph Bruess is a German Dr who used it successfully with many patients.The idea is that the removal of protein from the daily intake will starve out the cancer if there is one. 42 days is the recommended time span. Yes, 6 weeks. I would fast as this is not difficult for me but my work commitments make it impossible to rest as I would need to especially in the last 3 weeks or so and so I have chosen a gentler option in line with the idea of the fast. That way I may not have to rest so much and can still function.I have to go to work no matter.Someone has to pay the bills.

The garlic and chilli mix is to stimulate the endorphins which help with pain as well as increasing immune function.A "hot" option but do able.

So why not just pain meds? Well I am allergic to most and those I can use are very heavy and addictive and make me feel so sick but dont take the pain away either. Not really a good option.

I am writing this (and will write at least once a day) because I need to do this for me.I need to be able to put down about what is happening.Positive and negative changes,mood swings,body function changes. Maybe it will help others and maybe no one else will ever read this.That is ok too.It really will be for me.

I am not depressed and I am not imagining this.I am not making it all up for attention and my pain is NOT psychosomatic. This is a real something. I have times when I laugh and have fun and I know that my life is good.I have a supportive partner and a great job with amazing students that I meet with and I love what I do.I have a great hobby and like to do the things I do each day.I just have a headache.

Mushrooms are on and cooking for todays' dose,I have had my herbs for the morning (taken 3 times a day) I have had some water and will have a lot more, I am out of bed (which was a huge struggle today) and I am going to go and shower now and go to meet a friend for lunch.Life really does go on. (And Yes I am "sucking it up" as I have been told by many).
I'll let you know how it all goes

Light and Love to all

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