Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is me and Marjorie. We were celebrating our friendship by a shared haircut experience where we donated our hair to a children's group who makes wigs for kids with no hair,due to chemo or illness or other reasons.
I am writing this because I am saddened by the end of our friendship.I know it was months ago but it seems that even though I got on with my life and left it all alone as I said I would do and I respected her boundaries and left her to her success my dear friend was not able to accord me the same respect.
It is a sad thing really because she has so many many lovely qualities that are so very valuable to the wider community and to the world as a whole.
I really do still love my friend even if she will not call me that.I still have a respect for her work and her good deeds and I still feel she is a wonderful and valuable person in many many ways.She can and does bring a lot of joy and support to many.I am writing this because the negatives are creeping out and are damaging her and others.
So here is a short message....I guess I may be the only one to read it BUT I am going to write it anyway.
The buck stops here.If it is within my power, I will not let you hurt anyone else the way you have chosen to hurt me.I will do everything I can to protect those who cannot do for themselves and I will share what you have done so that the whole world can read your words and see the results of your deeds.
For myself..... I am a big girl.
I thank you so much for the lessons you have provided for me and I thank you for the chance to change and to improve.I thank you so very very much for the painful moments as well as for the wonderful times we shared.Those will not be taken from me and are treasured still the same way with the same love and care as they were made.
So Thank you Miss Marjorie.
God Bless and Good Luck


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