Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 93

When I went to Chiang Mai a few years ago I walked up this stairway. It felt like it was going on and on forever but I slowly and surely made it to the top.
A little like this journey.
This week has been a challenge and a half and I am sure that I do not want to go through this all again please. And yet I may have to.
Pain is not my friend and it is getting worse. I have had to use the pain patches I have been resisting because I am not able to cope with the increase in the level of pain. In fact my liver and belly is now heavily involved and I am looking almost pregnant because of the swelling. I have increased the mushrooms and added the Thai Herbs again which are helping with energy but not the pain stuff so at least I am having a small win.
I went to the Drs to get some more tests done.Thursday this week is ultra sound day and I have had more blood taken.We will see.The Dr.....well I guess I was less than happy with the fact that he didnt listen and is treating me as if I have an ulcer. Gosh I wish it was so very simple. I could have fixed that myself LOL.

Today my daughter gets married.I wish her all the best. It seems that in spite of all the best of intentions and all the best of the actions I am able to make I am still considered by her as the biggest bitch on earth.Oh well So Be It. She can live with the consequences of her actions as well and then maybe grow up a little.It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months to a year.
Yes that is a lot more to all this but I wont bore anyone reading this nor will I start a flood of tears from me.
Today we will go to the park and see the butterflies. Just for something different to do.
Love and Hugs to all

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