Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 121

Just a random garden.

Ah gosh it is weeks these days between times I write.So much has happened and yet nothing.
My head is still in a work F**Ked and I am putting that nicely.The pain is now constant even with a patch and I am trying very hard to do without adding the highly addictive painkillers that they contain.It kind of sucks when you feel like you want to die only because you hurt so much.
I can hear a lot of people say "well you are a lucky lady". I know this and I say that to myself often.I have so much going for me and I enjoy the life I have.I just dont want to be in so much pain anymore.
That was why I started to look for answers that are not medically based.
The mushrooms and the Thai herbs keep me kind of stable and I definitely feel worse if I dont take them.So I increased the dose but that didnt add to the relief unfortunately.I am not going to quit them as they do help somehow.
The diet... well it has been a little erratic of late.I am finding it hard to eat when I feel so crap.Mind you the nausea hasnt been as bad and I put that down to the herbs.Cant be much else that helps it.
I will look out for me a bit more an eat a little better.I do have to cut out some of the known allergens I have been consuming.Silly girl that I am but it is so easy to eat a sandwich and not have to cook.
Ok off to actually do some work instead of playing about.
Love and Hugs

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