Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buses all lined up to go.I often travel on ones that look like these and they are fun.
It seems my travelling is getting faster.Not so much in distance but certainly in time. Days scream past so very very fast.
I started doing some yoga two days ago.Result....I am waking up more awake and alert and earlier.It is having some sort of effect.I guess I need to keep it up.
We ate late this evening and so I have to wait a little while longer while my tummy empties a little.Not a good thing to exercise after a meal.Hence my having time to blog LOL.
I have also done a LOT of work today.I am proud of my efforts and know that they will pay off and do so quickly.It is coming and coming very very fast.Just like Christmas which will be here next week.
Ok off to do a little more paperwork and then to stand on my head.Yes I still can.LOL
Love and Hugs to all

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