Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 112

I wonder what it would be like to live in a little cave such as this one?
In some ways I have been. Maybe not so beautiful and certainly not as small because I am not so tiny but a little cave none the less.
I am breaking out of it and out of the dark and finding answers to all these odd questions and habits and so much other stuff but not yet the answer to the head.That is still to come.
I am taking my herbs regularly which is more than I was before. I am drinking my mushrooms everyday and they do help and I have resorted to using a patch for pain.I feel I kind of sold out there but there is no choice and it all hurts too much to function if I dont.
So I go forward and I will keep looking. I am yet to start on doing some yoga. I am procrastinating on that and not because it wont do any good but possibly because it will. I have had a habit of self sabotage and it has not served me well so I know it is time to let that one go.With awareness comes responsibility.I am take that responsibility and working with it as I uncover stuff I am working it out and removing the triggers that have had me running around in circles and going no where fast.
Ok I have to fly out.
I know I pop in for only a few minutes and not often enough. I am getting over that too,
Love and Hugs to all

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