Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 64

Gosh more than a week has screamed by and I am just catching up with myself.
I have decided I am going to pretend I dont hurt. This is not an easy thing and I still do actually hurt but I am pretending. Why? Because if I dont I will just curl up in a corner and cry.
My classes ended for now and I am looking at a new job with interesting prospects. I am being asked to write some text materials and I know my method works well.I have seen the results of it and so I will consider it.It is a way of getting my "self" out there into the community in such a positive way.
I have completed a few new designs (no pics yet) and I have also gotten a new lamp.That is such an exciting thing as it means I can now see more clearly to work on my pieces. I am so looking forward to having time to play.
When is that going to happen? Well at this point in time I am not sure. I dont even sit at the computer for days at a time, I sleep when I am able because this upset liver thing is knocking my sleep patterns all over the shop and I am so tired in between. I have to get over that as well. Its all a concept I guess and can be changed if needs be. Good thing that.
So many new ideas and opportunities flooding in. Now to get the money flowing as well so I am able to meet the deadlines I have and to get it all going forward as fast as it seems to want to flow.
I send out love and hugs to those of you who are not well or who have great hardship.If I am able I will sort something a little more concrete but at this stage it is not possible.
Got to go and write assessments for my last class.

Love and Hugs

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