Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 67

Larimar.... I bought a kg about a year ago. Well I finally am going to do something with it and as a result of looking at it all and working with it, it seems I am going forward as well.

I have been offloading energetics that have been in place for a while now. I let go of some negative experiences. Not the experience itself per se, just the energy and I feel better for it. All this working out about how to find a path through the headache and pain keeps bringing me back to all this baggage I have been lugging about.

As I let go, new stuff is flowing in so very very fast. I just wish it would balance and I could sleep a little as well but that will come as I get used to the increased flow. Balance seems to arrive when needed.

We are looking at a weekend away next weekend if possible.We have been invited to go to the Gems Capital of Thailand and to check out the candy box of precious and semi-precious stones of a huge store. OMG what fun that would be.I hope I can swing it. As it is I have to go to Laos on Sunday to make my new visa and that is a 3 day trip in a small bus there and back. Fun times but I can see me making something beautiful while I am away because I will have time to sit and work.

Ok on that front all is screaming along. So many new avenues and so many opportunities are popping up. I hope they all bear fruit in a timely fashion as well.

I am not teaching right now because I am writing textbook material but will begin teaching again after next week.Its only a couple of private classes so it should be ok. I feel a little burnt out right now but know it can be sorted once I get this stupid liver functioning again. It seems to want to hurt all the time.Will have it looked at when money comes and so hopefully this will be soon.

Ok have to fly out the door.Shower, dress and off. I'll be late if I dont move now.

Love and Hugs to all

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