Sunday, October 7, 2012

This was taken on 30th Sept.
In this pic you can see my walking stick and if you look closely on the seat is a large envelope.
The stick is because I am no longer balanced and cannot walk without falling often.

Why now? Why post now? In that envelope is my PET CT scan that I had done the week before. Because of the love and care from a wonderful group of friends I was finally able to afford to have pics taken that have given really good indicators of what is wrong. Why I am in pain, why I have a headache. Yes a LOT more questions but also many answers.

So a little background. I havent posted in a long time because I kind of gave up looking for answers. Got told often enough that it was all in my imagination and that I needed to just suck it up and get on with it. Well I did. I went back to work for a bit until it got too hard to do. Gave it up and tried again and again. Tried herbs and coconut oil and was feeling less crap so went back to work AGAIN. That one lasted two weeks really even though I am still tidying up the last strings there. I started to sell online again only to come up against a wall that has been thrown up out there.(will talk more about that later)

So fast forward to a week ago. Hey Tanya you are so fat, and you dont look sick. Well strangely enough I have dropped 20+ pounds in the last three months with no diet and no exercise (Yes I was REALLY fat before) so this level of fat right now is ok for me. You dont look sick. No, I am smiling and you cant see the black rings under my eyes.

The young man in the pic is a friend off FB who came to visit in Bangkok and we have spent some time sort of socialising. I am taking him shopping on Tuesday if I can.

So I know you are waiting....Impatiently, if you are like I was. What does the scan show Tanya ?
This scan is done by injecting radio active glucose in the blood and allowing the cells to uptake the glucose. This leaves the tracer in place. So where does it show up?  Areas of high metabolic activity. Cancer, inflammation, tissue damage. Places were the cells are taking up a LOT of energy are the concentrated spots.

I have three shiny spots. The first one in my lower left leg is only small at 0.8cm (small LOL )the next biggest one is on the stomach. It is at least 4 times the brightness which means that is may be up to 4 times the size or more. The biggest spot is on the uterus and that is bigger than either of the other two spots.

The brain is not discussed which is interesting because it is also glowing. I need to sort an MRI for this now. I also am sorting blood tests to verify what is going on. The report says neoplasm/malignancy in all three areas.

So I sat. I was stunned. I expected the leg, the rest was like a smack in the guts.

NEXT.... ok so after talking to the Dr he wants me to spend another 100,000 baht or so (the scan was 70,000 and the Drs bills added up to 2750 baht for two consults) to see three other specialists to have ultrasounds, biposies , a endoscopy. No mention of blood tests to check the simple stuff. No mention of seeing an Oncologist to co-ordinate all this. It is a money making exercise.
I thanked him kindly and sorted to go to the Government teaching hospital.
I have a 6pm appointment today (Monday 8th)  to get my blood work started and to get my MRI referral. I had to fight my way through a whole bunch of bureaucratic stuff to be able to even get an appointment but it is underway now. Thank God for my dear partner who held my hand and kept me from crying while I battled with systems not designed to work in a straight forward manner. Even having to wait to see a Dr....You would think that this would be a simple task .Go the the hospital and get checked. Well it seems not. The Drs on duty refused to see me when they had a look at my scan pics. I get the privilege of seeing the Head specialist now LOL.
So the train is moving forward. To where ? No idea. If it is Melanoma like it it looks I am not sure how long this train will continue to run but for now I am enjoying EACH and EVERY moment.
I will keep you posted.
For now I am ok.
I will keep you posted.
Love and hugs

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