Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I went on Mondayto see the Dr. NO TNF in Thailand. Thais dont get melanoma.
Ok I went to another hospital today to see a Dr who's hospital treats the disease of Melanoma. NO TNF. They diagnose by biopsy. Seeing the next Dr later today to sort that.
Blood work.... OMG how low can a white cell count go. Platelets are mid range low and Red cells are low too. This is NOT a pretty pic. Bone marrow involvement was the reason.
So no one will confirm a cancer but they will now tell me the marrow is affected. I love the way things work here. (sarcasm dripping heavily)
I came home and sobbed hysterically, Well after all wouldn't you?
Going to rest now.will let you know what comes next as it unfolds.
Love and Hugs

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